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A home inspection is a critical step of any home sale. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, having an experienced inspector take a look a home will clear up any confusion.

However, not all home inspectors are alike, both in terms of experience and training.

Some inspectors, despite being certified, are inexperienced. While these inspections may be cheaper, you’re missing out on the professionalism a veteran inspector can provide.

That’s where Brian Slaney comes in. Brian takes his inspections seriously, being certified with a number of organizations (such as ASHI) and isn’t afraid to get dirty.

Brian’s comprehensive inspection reports are easy to understand and cover every aspect of a home.

And if he doesn’t know what’s he dealing with, Brian will go the extra mile to find the answer, even if it means taking a little while longer.


Know your new home inside and out, and catch any and all repairs that could cost you later on. Brian takes extra time with first-time buyers to educate them on what they need to know.


Ready to sell? Brian is a pre-sale specialist. Pre-inspected homes attract more attention and sell faster than others, and will save you a lot of money.


Comprehensive home inspections for cautious home buyers and sellers.

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