Pre-Sale Inspections

Make Your Buyer Confident in Their Choice

Brian Slaney, Pre-Sale Specialist

Did you know that pre-inspecting homes actually saves you money?

And reduces the risk of a collapsed sale?

Many people usually consider home inspections to be a buyer thing. It’s true that buyers are more frequent clients of home inspectors, but in reality, sellers have just as much to gain from a pre-sale inspection.

Some of the more notable advantages:

Reduces Risk of Losing the Sale

It can be nerve-wracking waiting to hear what comes back from the buyer’s home inspection if you haven’t had an inspection yourself. The buyer may find a big problem and decide to walk away. In that case, you’d need to put your home back on the market and find another buyer, likely having to accept a lower price. Brian’s thorough pre-sale inspection you can rest easy while the buyer is performing theirs.

Saves You Money

Having a pre-sale inspection means you know in advance if there’s anything in or about your home that needs fixing so that you can remedy the deficiency before a buyer catches it. If you’re able to identify problems have them fixed, thus keeping buyers from walking away, then you’ll actually have saved money.

Prevents Buyers from Assuming the Worst

When a buyer finds many minor problems, or a single major problem, in a home, they might assume that the house isn’t maintained and will walk away.
Repairs should be done in advance so as not to run the risk of the buyer walking away. Brian’s pre-sale inspection helps you go into a transaction knowing that the buyers won’t mistakenly think your home is poorly maintained.

Allows Buyers to be Confident When Making an Offer

If Brian’s inspection comes back clean, then you can leave the report on the table for buyers to see when they come in for a showing. They’ll feel a lot more confident making an offer on your home, as they’ll see that there is nothing to worry about.

Hi Brian. Just wanted to let you know our house sold, possession is next Friday. You can retreive your sign anytime you like. Thanks for putting it up. It helped out, the buyers saw who did the inspection and used it rather than get a new one done. Your reputation is solid. Thanks again for everything.



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